Freezer Packs (Call to Order)


Butcher Choice $225

 3lbs Beef Striploin or Ribeye Steaks (+/- 4 steaks)
2 Racks of Pork Back Ribs (3lb)
2lbs Beef Maui Shortribs (6 strips)
2lbs Boneless Skinless Breast (4-6pcs)
***or 3lb Chicken Thigh, Bone-In
1 Whole Chicken (4lbs)
***whole or cut & packed
2lbs Bone-In Pork Chops (4pcs)
4 Organic Turkey Smokies
2lbs House Made Pork Sausages
8 Prime Rib Burgers 

Grillers Choice $225

 3lbs T-Bone or Bone-in Rib Steak (aprox. 2 x
1.25” steaks)
2lbs Beef Striploin or Ribeye Steaks
2lbs Beef Maui Shortribs
2lbs Pork Loin Chops, Bone-In
2lbs Chicken Breast, Bone-In
***or 3lbs Chicken Thighs, Bone-In
2lbs House Made Pork Sausages
2lbs Chicken Wings, Split
8 Prime Rib Burgers 

WinterFull $175

 3lbs Beef Chuck or Hip Roast
3lbs Thick-Cut Beef Shortribs
2lbs Stew (Lamb or Beef)
1 whole Roasting Chicken (5lb)
***Whole or Cut and Packed
2lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken Br.
***or 3lb Chicken Thigh, Bone-In
3lbs Pork Shoulder, Bone-In or Boneless.
***or 2.5lbs Pork Belly
3lbs Ground Beef, Lean or Extra Lean
1 pack of House Made Meatballs
(12pcs aprox 1lb) 

Fill Your Freezer $175

 2lbs Striploin or Ribeye Steaks

***or 3lb Top Sirloin

2lbs Chicken Breast, boneless, skinless

***or 3lbs Thigh, Bone-In

2lbs Pork Loin Chops, Bone-In

2lbs Beef or Lamb Stew

2lbs Ground Turkey or Chicken

2lbs Ground Beef

2lbs House Made Pork Sausages

***add House Made Meatballs for $7/pack (Regular $9.99/lb

The Porker $139

 2pcs or Pork Tenderloin (1.5-2lbs)

1 rack of Pork Back Ribs (1.5lbs)

3lbs Pork Loin Chops, Bone-In

3lbs Pork Shoulder, Bone-In or Boneless

***or 4lbs Pork Leg, Bone-In or Boneless

3lbs House made Pork Sausages

2lbs Thick Sliced Side Bacon

2lbs Ground Pork

***Add a bacon wrapped, cheese & sausage stuffed, Pork Tenderloin

For $15 (about $20 value) .

Chicken Lovers $89

 1 Whole Chicken (4lbs)

***whole or Cut & Packed

3lbs Chicken Breast, Boneless, Skinless

2lbs Chicken Breast, Bone-In

2lbs Chicken Thighs, Bone-In

***Or 3lbs Whole Legs

3lbs Chicken Wings, Split

***Add 2 House Made Chicken Cordons for $15! (reg about $

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Summer Camping Packs


2 Guys in a Provincial $79

  (suitable for 2 casual campers)
· 4 Hot Dogs or Smokies
· 4 House Made Sausages
· 4 Beef Burgers
· 1 Pound Bacon
· 1 Dozen Eggs
· 2 Top Sirloin Steaks
· 2 pounds Maui Style Ribs
· 2 foiled Potatoes

Family Camping Trip $139

  (Suitable for a family of 4)

· 4 Hot Dogs

· 4 Smokies

· 4 Beef Burgers

· 1 Pound Bacon

· 4 Sausages

· 1 Dozen Eggs

· 4 Foiled Potatoes

· 3 pounds Maui Style Short Ribs

· 3 pounds Steaks (Ribeye, Striploin, T- Bone)

Glampers Pack $125

(for the outdoor gourmet)

· 2 lbs Steak (Ribeye/Striploin) 

· 2 Racks Baby Back Ribs

· 2 Pounds Chicken Wings

· 2 Chicken Kabobs

· 2 Beef Kabobs

· 2 House Made Burgers 

· 1 Dozen Free Range Eggs

· 1 pound Bacon

· 4 house made sausages

Grillers Delight $225

  (For the outdoor cooking enthusiast)

· 3 Pounds T-Bone / Bone in Rib Steaks

· 2 pounds Striploin/Rib eye Steak 

· 2 pounds Maui Style Short Ribs

· 2 Pounds Bone in Pork Chops

· 2 pounds Chicken Breast or 3 pounds Thighs (bone in)

· 2 pounds chicken wings

· 2 pounds house made sausages

· 2 beef burgers