Feature Farms



Shaw Family Farms:

Shaw Family Farms is a family owned and operated farm in Aldergrove  whose focus is on Pasture Raised Pork, Boar and Lamb


Gelderman Farms:

Gelderman farms is a family owned farm in Abbotsford whose focus is on producing high quality free run pork fed an all natural diet and are certified for it's high quality of care for their animals




63 Acres:

63 Acres raises premium beef naturally raised without any added hormones or steroids.  Their cattle is grass fed and grain finished for superior marbling,  texture and taste in Armstrong BC


Henry & Jones Grass Fed Beef:

Born, raised and finished on  Vancouver Island grass pasture the way mother nature intended!   Henry & Jones do  not use grain, bovine growth hormones, or antibiotics and  of course no  GMOs.  The cattle is raised in a  low stress environment and are  processed  in a small  Provincial Class “A”  inspected facility on Vancouver Island,  keeping business local and reducing their beef's carbon footprint.   All the beef is dry aged for 21 days before arriving at Meat Craft.